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The 11 healthcare Professional Boards/Councils/Accreditation Boards (or “Professional Boards”) are planning to issue electronic Registration Certificate (e-RC) and Practising Certificate (e-PC), collectively known as “e-Certs”, in phases, from end 2021 onwards. This e-Certs initiative is aligned with the Digital Government Blueprint to provide greater convenience and a secure system to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and users of Government Services.

e-Certs in Professional Registration System (PRS)

With the implementation of e-Certs, all Professional Boards will stop issuing hardcopy certificates:

a. All newly registered HCPs will receive e-Certs; and
b. All HCPs who are already registered with the Professional Boards will receive e-PC upon successful renewal or when application for conversion/change of registration type is approved.

Digital PC in Singpass App

In tandem with the implementation of e-Certs, all HCPs will also be able to view their PC information via the Singpass app by early 2022. Their digital PC can be easily accessed from Singpass “My Cards” section whenever required. 

For more information, please click on the following links to read the circular and the set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). More details on viewing and downloading of e-Certs and digital PC will be shared after the launch.

Launch of e-RC and e-PC [PDF, 201KB]

FAQs on e-PC and digital PC [PDF, 200KB]