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Issuance of OOB Decals & Optical Services Survey (For New Retail Shops/Outlets)

To assist the public to better identify optometrists vis-à-vis opticians, and to be more aware of the different roles played by the two different groups of professionals, the Optometrists and Opticians Board (the "Board") has modified the practicing certificates (PC) for all registered optometrists with effect from 2017. PCs for optometrists are printed in pink, while PCs for opticians are printed in green.

In conjunction with the differentiation of the PCs, the Board had also issued decals to all shops and outlets with registered optometrists and/or opticians. The decals will help to augment public awareness of the two different groups of practitioners as well as the additional services that optometrists may provide beyond refraction and selling of spectacles, such as contact lens services and eye screening.

The decals should be displayed at the premise entrance or another similarly conspicuous part of the premise. All practitioners and staff are encouraged to educate customers on the different scope of practice between the two groups of eye care professionals. More information on the scope of practice is available here.


Optical Service Survey

Optical retail shops/outlets are also invited to provide information on optical services available at the practice by participating in a short online survey here. The information received would be updated periodically and made available to the public on the Board’s website. Such information would be useful for consumers, patients and institutions who seek various types of eye care services. 

Please note that only one response is required per shop or outlet. You may access existing listings for your reference:

OOB Optical Services Listing
Optical Services Listing (by shop name)[PDF, 1.77MB]
Optical Services Listing (by postal code)[PDF, 1.88MB]