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 The Optometrists and Opticians Board (the “Board”) has been alerted to a case of purported online selling of contact lenses by a private company and has received several feedback from optometrists that they were requested to validate unfamiliar contact lens prescriptions within an unreasonably short period of time.

2. The Board has previously advised all registered optometrists and opticians through our advisory letter dated 27 December 2013 that the sale of contact lenses via online platform is an unsafe practice to be avoided. Before prescribing contact lens to any person, every optometrist must ensure that the person had a recent and proper eye examination and that the measurements for the proper fitting of contact lenses are carried out accurately. The optometrist must educate the person about the benefits and risks of contact lens wear and teach him/her proper techniques on the safe use, cleaning and storage of the lenses. The person must also being scheduled for proper after care.

3. The Board would like to remind all optometrists not to verify or validate any prescriptions that were not personally issued or undersigned by themselves and which pertain to consumers whom they (i.e. the optometrists) have not personally examined. 

4. Optometrists should not verify or validate any prescriptions if the use of the prescription is not in accordance with practice guidelines stipulated by the Board, or could potentially lead to harm in patients/customers. It is the duty of all optometrists to fully adhere to the guidance on contact lens practice as stipulated in the “Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines for Optometrists”. A copy of the guidelines may be obtained from the Board’s website at under “Legislation and Guidelines”. 

5. The Board will not hesitate to take serious disciplinary action against optometrists or any other practitioner registered with the Board who subscribe to or participate in online selling of contact lens or fail to practise in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines.

6.  Please contact the Board at 6355 2533 or email if you need further clarifications.