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The Optometrists and Opticians Board (the “Board”) recently assessed a complaint concerning the optometry practices at a primary eye care centre. Based on the lessons learned, the Board would like to advise and remind all practitioners on the following practices.

Management of narrow Van Herick’s angles (for Optometrists' information)

2. Patients with narrow Van Herick’s angles are at risk of developing glaucoma. Any patient with Van Herick’s angle less than 1/4th (25%) regardless of visual acuity must be referred to an ophthalmologist to ascertain his/her risk for glaucoma.  The patient must also be warned about the possible symptoms of acute angle-closure glaucoma and advised to immediately proceed to the Accident & Emergency department of a public hospital whenever such symptoms occur.

Documentation of Records (for all practitioners)

3. All patient/customer records must be clearly documented.  All practitioners must ensure that they indicate their clinical findings, management details (including referral), their name and signature, as well as date and time of visit in every entry of the patient record. This is critical for patient safety and accountability, and will help practitioners recall more accurately about the care that has been provided to each patient previously.

4. All practitioners are reminded to use the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice Guidelines as the standard for their conduct and practice at all times when providing care to patients/customers.  

5. For further clarification, please call the Board’s Secretariat at 6355 2533 or email

Thank you.