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Application for Registration-Instructions to New Applicants [PDF, 838KB]
新申请人申请注册指南opens in a new window
Guide for online Application for renewal of Practising Certificate [PDF, 1.33MB]
网上申请更新执业准证指南opens in a new window
Application to Add Additional Basic TCM Qualification- Instructions [PDF, 89.7KB]
申请增添基本中医注册学历指示opens in a new window
Application for Reprints of Registration Certificate/Practising Certificate- Instructions [PDF, 89.2KB]
申请注册证书/执业准证副本指示opens in a new window
Application for Certificate of Good Standing-Instructions [PDF, 282KB]
申请良好行为证书指示opens in a new window
Application for Restoration-Instructions [PDF, 180KB]
申请恢复注册指示opens in a new window
PRS User Manual [PDF, 3.74MB]
PRS用户手册opens in a new window
Hepatitis B Screening for TCM Practitioners [PDF, 58.8KB]
中医执业者B型肝炎检验opens in a new window
Statutory Declaration Form and Instructions [PDF, 175KB]
法定声明书表格及指引opens in a new window
GIRO Application Form [PDF, 90.8KB]
"财路"申请表格opens in a new window
Guide to Compulsory CPE
强制性中医继续教育指南 [PDF, 555KB]
CPE System User Guide for TCM Practitioners

中医继续教育电脑指南  [PDF,14,926KB]

CPE Event Provider Accreditation Application
PE 举办机构的认证申请表格 [PDF, 397KB]
Information on speakers
讲师简历 [PDF, 342KB]
List of Accredited Professional Journals
自我进修-认可专业刊物[PDF, 192KB]