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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for TCM Practitioners

Compulsory Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programme for TCM practitioners was first implemented in Jan 2013 on a voluntary basis.  With the enactment of the TCMP (Amendment) Act 2020, the compulsory CPE Programme for TCM practitioners is implemented from 1 Apr 2020 for all fully and conditionally registered TCM practitioners to meet the compulsory CPE requirements before their PCs are renewed.  The purpose is to enable registered TCM practitioners to increase their knowledge and skills, and improve professional performance. Patients and society at large want to be assured that the TCM practitioners they consult are offering them good quality care.

For more information on the CPE Framework and the CPE points requirements, please refer to the Guide on Compulsory Continuing Professional Education.

Click to search Accredited CPE Events conducted by Event Providers and the List of Accredited Professional Journals for self-directed learning.

For help on the use of the IT CPE system, please refer to CPE System User Guide for TCM Practitioners.

Accreditation of CPE Event Providers

TCM organisations can apply to be accredited CPE event providers by submitting CPE Event Provider Accreditation Application to the Board.

CPE Event Accreditation

CPE Event providers are required to provide event programme details and Information on speakers when they submit events for accreditation in the Professional Registration System (PRS).


For event categories 1A Case Study Discussion and 1D Local Clinical Mentorship Programme, event providers are required to seek Board’s prior approval on these two programmes using the forms below: