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Application for Registration

A    Registration Requirements

  1. All applicants must meet registration requirements before their applications can be considered for registration.
    Please refer to Registration Requirements for details on the requirements.

B    Submission of Application

        Local applicants with recognised TCM qualifications from Singapore or 
        elsewhere may apply for registration directly online.
        Foreign applicants with recognised foreign TCM qualifications may 
        apply for registration online through the local employer
        who has the intention to employ the applicant.

C    Documents Required for Submission of Applications

  1. All applications must be supported with scanned copies of all required supporting documents. Please refer to Instructions to New Applicants [PDF, 837KB] for details on documents required.

D    Application Fees

  1. The prescribed Application Fee must be paid together with the application online. The application fee is non-refundable.

E    Processing of Application

  1. Only Applications submitted with the prescribed Application Fee and all required support documents will be processed.

F    Registration Certificate and Practising Certificate

  1. Upon approval on the application and passing the STRE, the successful applicant will be required to apply for a Practising Certificate (PC) with payment of the prescribed PC Fees. A Registration Certificate and a Practising Certificate will be issued to successful applicant. PC Fees paid are non-refundable.

    A registered TCM practitioner must hold a valid Practising Certificate to practise TCM in Singapore.