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Guidelines and Case Studies

Please click on the links below to access or download the Guidelines, Advisories and Case Studies.

Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines for TCM practitioners:

  1. Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines (Eng) [PDF, 755KB]
    中医执业者道德准则及道德指导原则 (中) [PDF, 2.11MB]

Guidelines and Advisories for TCM Practice:

  1. General Advisory on Good Clinical Practice and Infection Control for TCM Practice (Eng) [PDF, 1.02MB]
    中医行业的良好临床实践与传染控制的一般咨询 (中) [PDF, 652KB]
  2. General Advisory on Acupuncture and Other Related Treatment (Eng) [PDF, 687KB]
    针灸及其他相关治疗的一般咨询 (中) [PDF, 837KB]
  3. Advisory on Retention of Medical Records for TCM service providers and TCM practitioners (Eng) [PDF, 160KB]

Case Studies of Complaint Cases

  1. Case Studies of Complaint Cases handled by TCM Practitioners Board (Eng) [PDF, 509KB]
Note: The above Chinese translations are for reference only. The English version shall prevail if there is any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and its Chinese translation.