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Certificate of Good Standing

Under the Allied Health Professions (Registration and Practising Certificates) Regulations 2013, the Council may, upon the application made by a registered allied health professional and accompanied by the appropriate fee , issue to the registered allied health professional a certificate of good standing stating that on the date of its issue, that allied health professional is a registered allied health professional and that no proceedings under the Act have been taken or are pending against him.

Allied health professionals (AHPs) can apply for a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) with the AHPC to prove his/her current registration status with the AHPC.

In situations where an application for CGS was made by an AHP whose name has been removed from the Register, whose registration with the AHPC has lapsed or who had proceedings taken or pending against him/her, a letter indicating so will be issued to the requesting authority instead of a CGS.

Online Submission of Application

Allied health professionals can apply for a CGS with the AHPC by submitting an online application and payment of the prescribed fee of SGD60.

Full instructions on how to submit your application for a CGS can be found on our "User Manual for Existing Registered Allied Health Professionals" [PDF, 5430KB].  

Last updated: 09 Jul 2018 17:37