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Temporary registration for Visiting Experts

Visiting Experts (VE) who possess knowledge, experience and skills may be brought in to teach or provide training to allied health professionals (AHPs) in professional related areas (i.e. assessment and treatment).

VEs will need to apply for temporary registration with the AHPC if they are:

  1. Delivering lectures or leading in workshops/lectures/seminars where hands-on demonstration on clients/patients/care-givers is involved; and
  2. Jointly consulting and advising patients/ caregivers together with other health professionals.  

Criteria for Temporary Registration (VE)

The criteria for temporary registration (VE) is as follows:

  1. Possess basic professional qualification which is on the AHPC’s List of Recognised Qualifications OR relevant professional qualification (at least equivalent to a post-graduate Master’s degree) recognised in the country of training;
  2. Have more than three years of relevant practice experience in another country (work experience is relevant to the area being shared/taught, and in a reputable centre of excellence for the area/s concerned;
  3. Passed the national licensing examinations in the country of training/last country of practice (if applicable).

Application Process

Organisations that intend to invite VEs to conduct training or consult with patients/caregivers will need to submit an application for Temporary Registration at least two months before the intended start date of the programme.  If the registration application is not approved before the intended starting date of the workshop/lecture/ seminar/joint consultation due to late submission of application and associated supporting documents, the VE may not proceed to teach, train, consult and participate in the programme until the application has been reviewed and approved by the Council.

Each application is once-off and valid only for the duration of the VE programme with the specified organisation.

Applications for temporary registration (VE) should be submitted via hardcopy application forms. AHPC will contact you on the payment details after we have received the application form and supporting documents.  Do note that payment will be via PayNow.  The fees payable for each visiting expert comprises of the following prescribed fees:

  1. Registration application fee: SGD200;
  2. Application fee for Practising Certificate: SGD20; and
  3. Practising Certificate fee: SGD140). 


Application should include the following documents: 

Documents to be completed and provided by applicant:

  1. Duly completed form RR1: Application form for Allied Health Professions Registration;
  2. Duly completed form RR5 Application/ Renewal form for Practising Certificate;
  3. Copy of NRIC, work pass or passport;
  4. Curriculum Vitae;
  5. Copy of basic and postgraduate qualification certificates;
  6. Copy of Certificate of Registration with other regulatory authorities; and
  7. Copy of results of licensing or national examination (if applicable)  

 Documents to be completed and provided by organisation:

  1. Duly completed form RR2: Details of Job Appointment/Activity in Singapore;
  2. Training/education programme (i.e. Details of the workshops/lectures/seminars/ joint consultations);
  3. Letter from host institution or education provider in Singapore stating purpose of application and period of registration required; and
  4. Original letter of verification of the overseas expert’s field of speciality and/or expertise.  This letter must be issued by the Head of the respective Clinical department and Chairman, Medical Board (or equivalent) of the host institution (applicable for public sector institution) or by the Dean of the education or training provider, affirming the overseas expert’s expertise. The sponsoring institution must provide justification for inviting the overseas expert if local experts in the same field are available.