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Restricted Registration (R)

Restricted Registration allows an allied health professional (AHP) to practise without supervision in a restricted area of practice, with a specified employer and/or in specified types of establishments.

Eligibility Requirements

An AHP who 

  • Has a basic/primary professional qualification that was not on the Lists of Recognised Qualifications; OR
  • Has a basic/primary professional qualification which was not previously allowed by MOH for the work pass application; AND
  • Did not take or did not pass the relevant Qualifying Examination (QE); and
  • Have at least 1 year of work experience in Singapore as at the registration commencement date; AND
  • Was actively practising in Singapore immediately before the commencement date of registration

Important Note:

Those with 2 years or less of clinical experience in Singapore as at the commencement date of registration will be required to demonstrate their English Language Proficiency.   

Determining the Scope of Restriction

Applicants being considered for restricted registration will be required to provide details of their full scope of practice in Singapore. The restricted practice will be determined on a case-by-case based on demonstrated competent professional practice and current scope of practice in Singapore. The restrictions imposed by AHPC may specify:

1. Scope of Practice


2. Age group of patients/clients [PDF, 25KB] and/or

3. Types of establishments and/or services [PDF, 93KB]


The restrictions imposed on an AHP’s registration are not specialisation of practice.  Restricted registration is applied to 'grandfather’ those whose qualifications are not recognised by the AHPC but were actively practising in Singapore when registration commenced.

The AHPC may consider full registration only for certain exceptional practitioners who clearly demonstrated competence in the full scope of practice.

Important Note:
The restricted scope of practice differs for every AHP.  Thus, the AHP and their employers are to ensure that they are practising within their scope of practice as stipulated in their registration certificate.  

Changes in Employer or Place of Practice

AHPs on restricted registration may change employer or place of practice provided that their practice remains within the specified scope.  These AHPs must notify the AHPC in writing at least 1 month in advance and obtain the AHPC’s approval for the change prior to implementing any change in employment or place of practice. 

Pursuant to Section 26(1)(a)1 of the Allied Health Professions Act 2011, the AHPC may remove the name of the registrant from the Register if he/she is found not to have complied with the conditions or restrictions of his/her registration.

1Section 26(1)(a) of the Allied Health Professions Act states that “Notwithstanding the provisions of this Act, the Council may, upon such evidence as it may require, order the removal from the appropriate register of the name of a registered allied health professional if he has been registered with restricted, conditional or temporary registration, and has failed to comply with any condition or restriction to which his registration is subject”.