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The description of Physiotherapy as prescribed in the Second Schedule of the Allied Health Professions Act 2011 is provided in the following sections.



Physiotherapy involves the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of pain, injury, or any other physical dysfunction, through the use of education, exercise, manual therapy, electro-physical agents, technology or any other treatment for those purposes.

The acts or activities constituting Physiotherapy include, but are not limited to the following:

a) physical rehabilitation;

b) prescribing of therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, electro-physical agents, technology, aids and appliances;

c) detecting abnormalities of human movements and functions, from newborn to older persons, using the following methods:

i) clinical examinations and tests;

ii) goniometry, dynamometry and posturography;

iii) all forms of human motion analysis;

iv) exercise tests;

v) use of bioimpedance technology and perometry; and

vi) instruments to assess mobility, physical functions and quality of life.

d) any other type of practice of restoration of normal human movements that forms part of the practice of physiotherapy;

e) health promotion, illness and disease prevention.