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             TCM physicians and acupuncturists on full registration who are holding practising certificate (PC) expiring on 30 Jun 2022 and have met the compulsory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements may submit PC renewal application online between 1 Apr 2022 to 31 May 2022.    

2          The PC renewal application should be submitted latest by 31 May 2022 to avoid incurring late application fees.  

3          TCM practitioners who have not met the compulsory CPE requirements will not be able to submit their PC renewal applications online.  Please click here to check your CPE records and quickly make up the shortfall in CPE points, for example, by self-directed learning and reading of recognised professional journals and books. For details on CPE requirements, please refer to the circular (link) on fulfilling compulsory CPE requirements for the current CPE Qualifying Period (1 Apr 2020 – 31 Mar 2022).

4          If you decide not to renew your PC, please inform the Board in writing stating your reason.

5          If you wish to renew your PC, please do the following:

            a)     Login at the Board's website using your Singpass and select [PC Renewal/Application] under [Application] tab.
            b)     Check and update your personal particulars, and details of your principal practice place and/or secondary place(s) of practice. Attach supporting documents if there are any changes.
            c)     Make online payment for the PC renewal fee via Visa, MasterCard, or GIRO if you have an existing GIRO arrangement with us.

6          Please take note of the following:

            a)     The application fees are $550 for 2-year TCM Physician PC and $450 for 2-year Acupuncturist PC.
            b)     Credit card payment will take up to 7 working days for clearance.
            c)     For those with prior GIRO arrangement to pay the application fees, please note that GIRO deduction will only be triggered after you have submitted your application. Please maintain sufficient fund in your bank account.
            d)     A late application fee of $75 will be imposed if your PC renewal application is not received by 31 May 2022.
            e)     Late application fee of $200 will apply to PC application received after expiry of your PC.
            f)      Application fees paid are not refundable. Request for waiver of late application fees will not be entertained.

Display of valid electronic PC at TCM clinics and Practice Places

7          Commencing this year, electronic PC (e-PC) will be issued when your renewal application has been approved.  You will receive an email by 30 Jun 2022 with the link to download and print your new e-PC.

8          Please note that under Regulation 4 (a) of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (Practice, Conduct and Ethics) Regulations, you are required to conspicuously display a copy of your current e-PC at your TCM clinics and place(s) of practice as a TCM practitioner. You can print a copy of the e-PC and display it inside the practice premises, e.g., the patients’ waiting area and/or in your consultation room.

9          To view and download your valid e-Certs, please follow the steps below:

            a)     Log in to the PRS
            b)     At the left menu, click “Administration” followed by “View Certificates”
            c)     To view the e-RC or e-PC, please click on the hyperlink on the validity date under
            d)     "Current Registration" header.
            e)     The e-RC/e-PC would then display in a pop-up window:
                    ·  For most mobile device users, the e-RC/e-PC should download and display automatically
                    ·  For laptop/ computer users, please follow instructions on your internet browser to view and download a copy of the e-RC/e-PC.

10        We would like to draw your attention to Section 24 of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act (Cap 333A), which states that it is an offence for a registered TCM practitioner to carry out any prescribed practice of TCM/acupuncture without holding a valid PC or once your PC expires.

Secretariat of healthcare Professional Boards 
On behalf of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board