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Application for Family Physician Accreditation


The applicant can submit the application through the electronic on-line application form.  Each application will be considered based on its merits and is subject to FPAB’s final approval.

Online Application

The applicant who has obtained full or conditional medical registration status with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) should log into the online system using your MCR no. and password.  The system will retrieve some of your particulars from the SMC's database. If you have forgotten your password, please visit the SMC website to reset your password.

The form may take you approximately 15 minutes to complete if you have all the information required at hand.  Please note that as a security measure, the server will log any users out of the system after 20 minutes of inactivity.


Documents Required from Applicants

The following documents are necessary for submission with the application. Applications without these supporting documents will be treated as incomplete and will be returned to the applicant.

Photocopies of Relevant Postgraduate Qualifications and Letters of Verification (LV)
-     Applicants must submit photocopies of such relevant FM qualifications together with the online application if it has not been registered with SMC previously.

-     For certificates or qualifications in a language other than English, a certified true copy of the English translation must be provided, together with the original copies of the documents;

-     Applicants must also arrange for a LV of their postgraduate medical qualifications with the conferring institution, for the LV to be sent to FPAB directly from source (except for qualifications conferred by the National University of Singapore (NUS), FPAB will verify directly with NUS);

-    The applicant must ensure the following are complied with when arranging for LV:-

  • LV must be dated and contains information of doctor's name, degree or title conferred, medium of instruction (for basic medical qualification) and endorsed by an authorized officer of the issuing institution;
  • An authenticated email from source may be considered as equivalent of a LV;
  • The LV should be received within 30 days from the submission date of the application. The applicant will be considered as withdrawn if the LV is not received within 30 days;
  • The LV must be addressed to FPAB directly.  Please note that FPAB shall not be responsible for any payment incurred by the applicant and/or interested parties arising from the request of the LVs.

Note: LVs submitted by the applicant will not be accepted.

Additional Documentary Evidence

-    The FPAB may, when assessing an application for Family Physician Accreditation, require an applicant to provide such documentary evidence as may be necessary to verify the applicant’s satisfaction of the accreditation criteria, including documentary evidence to verify the applicant’s number of years of post-housemanship Family Medicine experience and currency of practice.

Updated CV

Applicants must submit a copy of his/her current Curriculum Vitae (CV) using the CV template provided. Please click here [docx, 21KB] for the CV template.

Processing Time

The average processing time to process an application is 3 - 4 weeks from the date of receipt of all relevant supporting documents. Longer processing time is expected if there is a need for verification of qualifications with overseas institutions.

Outcome of Application

The applicant will be informed on the outcome of the accreditation application via e-mail. If you have further queries regarding family physicians accreditation, please refer to the section on “More information” or contact the Secretariat via email at:

In order to prevent undue delay, it is recommended for all applicants to submit an application for Registration as a Family Physician with SMC concurrently while submitting the accreditation application.  More information on FP registration can be found on