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Who we are

The Family Physicians Accreditation Board (FPAB) was formed in 2011 to serve as a regulatory and accrediting body for the Register of Family Physicians. The Chairman and members of the Board are appointed by the Minister for Health.

Chairman A/Prof Kenneth Mak
Secretary Dr Sabrina Wong
Member Dr Sally Ho Chih Wei
Member A/Prof Chong Phui-Nah 
Member Adj Asst Prof Chua Chi Siong
Member Dr Adrian Ee Guan Liang
Member A/Prof Clement Tan 
Member Dr Ruth Lim
Member Adj Asst Prof Tan Tze Lee
Member Dr Lew Yii Jen
Member Dr Julian Lim
Member Dr Subramaniam Surajkumar
Member Dr Loke Kam Weng
Member A/Prof Tan Boon Yeow
Member Dr Eng Soo Kiang 
The functions of the Family Physicians Accreditation Board shall be :
  i. To determine the qualifications, experience and other conditions for registration as a family physician;
  ii. To define the scope of family medicine for the purposes of maintaining and keeping the Register of Family Physicians;
  iii. To determine the training programmes to be recognised for persons who intend to qualify for registration as family physicians;
  iv. To grant to persons who have the qualifications or experience and who meet the conditions for registration as family physicians;
  v. To recommend to the Medical Council programmes for the continuing medical education of persons who are registered as family physicians;
  vi. To advise the Medical Council on matters affecting or connected with the registration of family physicians.
What is “Secretariat of healthcare Professional Board”?

With effect from 1 Jan 2020, the Family Physicians Accreditation Board (FPAB) is supported by the Secretariat of healthcare Professional Boards (SPB) for its secretariat and operational functions.  The registration and regulation of family physicians continue to be governed by Singapore Medical Council. The Singapore Medical Council retains autonomy and independence over professional and statutory matters, as provided for under the Medical Registration Act.