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Route of Entry

Doctors with relevant postgraduate academic qualifications and experience that are specific to Family Medicine1 (FM) may apply for entry into the Register of Family Physicians (FPs) via the Degree or Diploma route (Figure 1). The postgraduate academic qualifications include Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (GDFM), Master of Medicine (M.Med)(FM) or other equivalent degrees/diplomas. These qualifications must be matched with the required number of years of post-housemanship2 relevant Family Medicine experience.

Entry by the Practice Route has ended and appeals for application via the Practice Route will not be allowed from 1 July 2014. Only entry via the degree or diploma route will be accepted.

Figure 1- 25 June 2014

1Family Medicine (FM) practice refers to practice which provides comprehensive, continuing, preventive and personalised primary health care for the individual and family in an outpatient community setting.  Such practice settings generally refer to polyclinics, private GP clinics, continuity care clinics and homecare services.


2Post-housemanship medical practice refers to the years of clinical practice after satisfactory completion of housemanship or equivalent training and obtaining a full/conditional registration with SMC or relevant body in the country of practice.