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1.    What is a Register of Family Physicians? When will it be established?

The Register of Family Physicians (FP) is the record of doctors who have been accredited as "Family Physicians" by virtue of their Family Medicine (FM) qualifications and practice. The proposal for a Register of FPs was first made in 2005 through a public consultation. A second public consultation was held in 2009 together with the proposed amendments to the Medical Registration Bill. The Medical Registration Act amendment bill that incorporated the formation of the Register of FPs and the Family Physicians Accreditation Board (FPAB) was passed by Parliament in January 2010.

The Register of FPs was formally established on 1 July 2011. Doctors who are eligible may apply to the FPAB to be accredited as FPs. The names of doctors accredited and registered as FPs are listed in the Register.

2.    Why is there a need for the establishment of the Register of FPs?

The Register of FPs recognises medical practitioners with the relevant qualifications and practice and sets the standards of practice for FM.

3.    What are the implications if I am not registered as a FP? Will this have any impact on the doctor's medical practice in the community?

The doctor can continue to practise in the community. However, the use of the title "Family Physician" is protected. Doctors who are not registered as FPs will not be allowed to assume such a title. Doctors who are found doing so may be subject to disciplinary action as stipulated in Sections 64 and 65 of the Medical Registration Act.

There are no restrictions imposed on doctors who are not on the register to obtain a clinic license and practice in the community.

4.    I am a registered specialist but had acquired relevant FM qualifications previously, could I qualify to be a FP?

Dual registration is allowed subject to the doctor fulfilling the currency of practice requirements in addition to the criteria.

5.    Do I need to show proof of my currency of practice?

The FPAB may, when assessing an application for Family Physician Accreditation, require an applicant to provide such documentary evidence as may be necessary to verify the applicant’s satisfaction of the accreditation criteria, including documentary evidence to verify the applicant’s number of years of post-housemanship Family Medicine experience and currency of practice.

6.    How long does it take the FPAB to process my application?

The average processing time to process an application is 3 - 4 weeks from the date of receipt of all relevant supporting documents. Longer processing time is expected if there is a need for verification of qualifications with overseas institutions. The applicant will be informed of the outcome of the application via e-mail.

7.    What if my application for accreditation as a family physician is rejected? Is there an appeal process?

Any person who is aggrieved by the refusal of the Board to grant accreditation may, within one month of the notice of refusal, appeal to the Minister for Health whose decision shall be final.

8.   Will I be automatically admitted into the Register of FPs after I have been accredited by FPAB?

Doctors who are accredited by FPAB are required to apply for registration into the Register of FPs, maintained by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) before they can assume the title of ‘Family Physician’.  Please refer to the SMC website at for more information.