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Forensic Examination

Important Instructions to Candidates

  1. With effect from the Forensic Examination held on 28 April 2021, SPC will not be providing the hard copy Legislation for reference for candidates taking the examination.
  2. Candidates may refer to the Contents of Legislation for Reference and download the necessary legislations at should they wish to bring in this allowed optional material into the examination hall.
  3. Candidates are allowed to tag the Act and its subsidiary legislation with text only.
  4. Candidates are NOT allowed to write on the hard copy of Legislation to be brought into the exam hall.
  5. Candidates are allowed to highlight and underline the words.
  6. Candidates are only allowed to bring the hard copy legislation into the exam hall. Electronic copies are not permissible.
  7. Candidates may be barred from taking the Examination if the above are not adhered to.
  8. Please reach the venue at least 20 minutes before the start of Examination so that for the invigilators can check the Legislation for Reference.

  2. Forensic Exam Application Form [PDF, 134KB]
  3. Forensic Exam Information [PDF, 238KB]
  4. Non Disclosure Declaration of Information _ For Candidates (Forensic) [PDF, 33KB]