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Revised Fees

Fees (Type) Payable to the Singapore Pharmacy Council

Current Fees In
Singapore Dollar

Revised Fees (wef 1st Sept 2012) in Singapore Dollar

Practising / Renewal Fees (Per Year) $200 $250
Late Application Fee*
*For Renewal Application submitted 1 month before the expiry of Practising Certificate
$75 $100
Certified True Copy of Practising Certificate   $50
Duplicate of Practising Certificate   $80

Fees (Type) Payable to the Singapore Pharmacy Council

Revised Fees (wef 5th Mar 2013) in Singapore Dollar

1.     Application for registration in:


       a.     the Register of Pharmacists


       b.     the Register of Temporarily Registered Pharmacists:


              i.     for an initial period of 2 years


              ii.    for each extension of a period of up to 12 months


2.        Application for registration in the Register of Specialists


3.        Application for restoration of name to the appropriate register


4.        Issuance of certificate of good standing    


5.        Issuance of certified true copy of certificate of registration


6.        Issuance of duplicate certificate of registration