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Information for Specialist Pharmacist

Register of Specialists

Pharmacists may apply to the (Pharmacy) Specialists Accreditation Board (PSAB) for accreditation as specialists.  The (Pharmacy) Specialists Accreditation Board (“PSAB”) invites applications from pharmacists who have the necessary training and experience in the following areas to seek specialist accreditation (grandfathering phase) from 1 February 2019 to 31 December 2020:

  1. Critical Care Pharmacy
  2. Paediatric Pharmacy

 Please download the circular below for more details.

Download Circular on Grandfathering Criteria for Critical Care Pharmacy & Paediatric Pharmacy [PDF, 644KB]

Pharmacists accredited as specialists will be listed in the Register of Specialists.  The Register of Specialists shall be kept and maintained by the Registrar of the Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC).

Specialist Registration

Before a pharmacist can practise as a specialist in Singapore, he / she must:

(1)  Obtain Specialist Accreditation from the PSAB

For more information on Specialist Accreditation, please refer to the PSAB Website.

Once the pharmacist is successfully accredited, the PSAB will issue the pharmacist with a Certificate of Specialist Accreditation.

 (2)  Obtain Specialist Registration from the SPC

The pharmacist needs to apply for Specialist Registration online by logging into his/her pharmacist account with the Pharmacist Registration Number (PRN) and password. Please upload the following documents:

- Certificate of Specialist Accreditation

- Completed declaration of fitness form [PDF, 183KB]

and make online payment of S$500.00 (one-time payment) via credit card only (Visa or Mastercard). Please note that cash and cheque payments will not be accepted.

The SPC will evaluate the application for entry into the Register of Specialists in accordance with the criteria set out in the Pharmacists Registration Act and the subsidiary legislation promulgated thereunder.  Upon successful admission into the Register of Specialists, the SPC will issue a Certificate of Specialist Registration and Practising Certificate to the pharmacist upon payment of the prescribed fees.

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