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For NUS Pharmacy Graduates

For graduate holding the Singapore degree in Pharmacy, the applicant must have acquired no less than 12 months of practical experience in the practice of pharmacy at any training sites approved by SPC.

Upon fulfilling the requirements for registration stipulated by SPC, the applicant will be eligible to be registered  as a pharmacist.

Online Application for Pre-Registration Training 

A. The applicant must have secured a job offer with an SPC-approved training centre. The letter of job offer and the position offered to the graduate must be uploaded with the online application to the Singapore Pharmacy Council. The Council would not consider any application if there is no job offer.

B. The following are required for the online application for pre-registration training:

  1. Scanned copy of NRIC (for Singaporeans / S’pore PR) / Passport & Student Pass (for non-Singaporeans)*
  2. Scanned copies of Detailed NUS Academic Results
  3. Scanned copy of Letter of Employment Offer for pre-registration training position from a SPC-approved training institution

*NRIC or Passport must be certified true copy by a notary public or HR of employing institution. 

C.  Application will only be processed after all the documents are received and are in good order. Processing time for any application is 10 - 15 working days. This does not take into consideration the processing time for application of employment pass for non -Singaporeans from the Ministry of Manpower by the potential employer.

Approval of application is subjected to the Council's decision.

Pre-registration training can only commence upon receipt of Confirmation Letter issued by the Singapore Pharmacy Council. 


Pre-Registration Training

A. The applicant may then start his/her pre-registration training at the approved training centre (List of Approved Training Centres). The period of training is 28 weeks, subject to successful completion of PECT II attachments.

B. The applicant must take and pass the Competency Assessment on the following date:

10 November 2023 (Fri)
- 29 November 2024 (Fri)

Applicants are required to apply online for the Competency Assessment, at least 2 - 3 weeks before the Assessment date.  (Guide to Competency Assessment Exam [PDF, 509KB]).  All candidates will be notified via email when the online application for Competency Assessment is opened.

The minimum passing mark for the Competency Assessment is 60. Maximum number of attempts is 3 (three) within 24 months.

C.  Upon successful completion of pre-registration training which includes the following:

     i. Completion of minimum pre-registration training period

    ii. Passing the Competency Assessment

    iii. Achieving the minimum competency standards stated in the SPC Competency Standards Framework and

   iv. All other requirements stated for pre-registration training,

the preceptor will then be notified to submit the Pre-Registration Training Evaluation Summary Report to Singapore Pharmacy Council.

The pre-registration pharmacist will be notified to submit the online Application for Full Registration. 


Online Application for Full Registration

The following are required for the online Application for Full Registration:

  1. Scanned copy of NRIC (for Singaporeans / S’pore PR) / Passport & Employment Pass (for non-Singaporeans)#
  2. Scanned copy of Pharmacy Degree from National University of Singapore#
  3. Passport-size Coloured Photo (in jpg)
  4. Scanned copy of Full Academic Transcript#
  5. Scanned copy of Abstract of Project Work
  6. Scanned copy of Certificate of Attendance of PSS Pre-Registration Training for Pharmacists
  7. Full Registration Fee (S$250).
  8. Practising Certificate Fee (the amount will be indicated at the time of application).

# NRIC or Passport must be certified true copy by a notary public or HR of employing institution. Certificate of qualification must be certified either by a notary public or authorised personnel of conferring institution or HR of employing institution.

Online payment can be made via eNets or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Upon approval by Registrar, a Full Registration certificate and practising certificate will then be issued by the Council to the applicant. 

Please email to SPC if you need more information regarding pharmacist registration matters.