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Code of Ethics

The revised Code of Ethics was officially launched during the Singapore Pharmacy Council's Pharmacist's Pledge Affirmation Ceremony on 13 May (Wed) 2009.

The aim of the revised Code of Ethics is to provide a guide for pharmacists on what is regarded as the expected standards from pharmacists in the discharge of their professional duties and responsibilities. As the professional conduct of pharmacists is under the jurisdiction of SPC as governed by the Pharmacists Registration Act 2007 (No. 48 of 2007), SPC is empowered to discipline errant pharmacists who fail to uphold the standards of the Code or when they contravene any part of the Act, Regulations, or other statutes and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy.

On 6 May (Wed) 2015, the latest revised Code of Ethics 2015 was officially launched at the SPC Pharmacist’s Pledge Affirmation Ceremony 2015.

The purpose of this revised version is to lay the ground for a framework with which the Council can better regulate errant or unprofessional advertising by pharmacists under the Code of Ethics instead.

Please click here [PDF, 1795KB] to download a softcopy of the latest revised Code of Ethics