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1.     Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC) will make adjustments to the registration fees it levies with effect from 6 March 2013.

2.     The new fees will be applicable from 6 March 2013.  Among the changes, are:

1.        Application for registration in:


a.     the Register of Pharmacists


b.     the Register of Temporarily Registered Pharmacists:


i.     for an initial period of 2 years


ii.    for each extension of a period of up to 12 months


2.        Application for registration in the Register of Specialists


3.        Application for restoration of name to the appropriate register


4.        Issuance of certificate of good standing    


5.        Issuance of certified true copy of certificate of registration


6.        Issuance of duplicate certificate of registration


3.     For more information and clarifications on the fee revision, please contact SPC Secretariat at