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Members of Council

The Singapore Pharmacy Council comprises two ex-officio members and nine other pharmacists appointed by the Minister for Health. The ex-officio members are the Chief Pharmacist of the Ministry of Health, who is also the Registrar of the Council, and the Head of the Department of Pharmacy of the National University of Singapore or its designate. The President and the other eight members appointed by the Minister are pharmacists chosen from private and public sectors

The Council comprises of 11 members namely:


Mr WU Tuck Seng


Assoc Prof Lita Chew (ex-officio)


Assoc Prof CHUI Wai Keung (ex-officio)


Dr ANG Hui Gek

Adj Assoc Prof CHAN Cheng Leng

Ms CHAN Soo Chung

Mr NG Cheng Tiang

Ms TAN Swee chin

Dr TAN Weng Mooi

Dr Camilla WONG

Last updated: 24 May 2018 14:33