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Functions of Singapore Pharmacy Council

The functions of the Council, as stated in Section 5 of the Pharmacists Registration Act (PRA) are:

  1. To keep and maintain registers of registered pharmacists;
  2. To approve or reject applications for registration under the PRA or to approve any such application subject to such restrictions as it may think fit;
  3. To issue certificates of registration and practising certificates to registered pharmacists;
  4. To make recommendations to the appropriate authorities on the courses of instructions and examinations leading to a Singapore degree;
  5. To prescribe and implement measures, guidelines and standards for the training of persons seeking registration as pharmacists under PRA;
  6. To make recommendations to the appropriate authorities for the training and education of registered pharmacists;
  7. To determine and regulate the conduct and ethics of registered pharmacists; and
  8. Generally to do all such acts and matters and things as are necessary to be carried out under the PRA.