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Community Pharmacist


Community Pharmacists work at the frontline of healthcare in the city and the heartlands of Singapore. They work from their own pharmacies or out of local pharmacy chain stores and health care institutions. The primary role of the community pharmacist is to provide medications and health- and medication-related services to patients and the public.

Community Pharmacists dispense and supply medicines based on a doctor's prescription, checking dosages and looking out for food/drug incompatibilities or drug allergies. They provide drug information and counselling to patients on the proper use of their medications. They work together with the patients and healthcare providers to achieve drug compliance and best patient outcomes.

Community Pharmacists also advise the public on self medication and treatment of minor ailments such as coughs, colds, gastric reflux, skin irritations, etc. They are trained to ask relevant questions on signs and symptoms and assess the consumer's / client's condition. They will advise the consumer / client suitably; to seek medical attention if signs and symptoms are serious or sinister, or recommend suitable medicines (over-the-counter medicines / Pharmacy Only medicines) to take.

Many community pharmacies run patient counselling services e.g. smoking cessation service, to help people give up smoking, and medication review service to help people improve medication use and reduce medication related problems. Some pharmacies also provide advice on health related matters.