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Academic Pharmacist

Acad Pcist

Academic Pharmacists are full-time faculty members of an educational institute (e.g. University, Polytechnic, etc.). They are involved in teaching and training of the future generations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Besides teaching, academic pharmacists in a university also engage in research. Their research activities may include areas in new drugs discovery, manufacturing technology and formulation of drug products, improvement in pharmacy practice as well as enhancing therapeutic and health outcomes in patients. In addition, they are also involved in consultancy work, service to the university or international health-related organisations, public service and patient care.

Pharmacy practitioners working in the hospital, community pharmacy, regulatory agency or the pharmaceutical industry may be involved in academic work on a part-time basis. These adjunct academic pharmacists are primarily involved in giving lectures on special topics, providing professional training, mentoring interns or pharmacy students in the hospital or community pharmacies.