Senior Residency Training in Geriatric Medicine

Haematology is a 3.5-year Internal Medicine (IM)-related Senior Residency training programme following the completion of the 3-year IM Residency Training Programme. For details on eligibility criteria and compulsory courses, please refer to the section on Internal Medicine-related specialties.

The duration of residency training accredited by ACGME-I and that required for exit certification by the Specialists Accreditation Board is listed in the following table. Where the duration for accreditation exceeds that of ACGME-I, the remaining time will be accredited by the Joint Committee on Specialist Training (JCST). 

 Specialty Duration of training accredited by ACGME-I for residency programme (mths)   Total duration of training in Singapore (mths)
24 (24) + 18

Training Requirements Document


Training Requirements


Haematology Residency Training Requirements (prior to July 2017 Intake as @ 14 Aug 19)

Haematology Residency Training Requirements (for July 2017 Intake onwards @ 14 Aug 19)

Please refer to the ACGME-I website for the Haematology Advanced Specialty Requirements.

Exit Criteria


Current Exit Examinations / Assessments

  • Written assessment: Essay and SAQs
  • Oral assessment