Advanced Internal Medicine / Internal Medicine Related Specialties

These specialties include Advanced Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatric Medicine, Haematology, Infectious Diseases, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Renal Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Respiratory Medicine and Rheumatology

Eligibility Criteria for Internal Medicine Related Senior Residency Programmes



Internal Medicine Related Specialties

For residents entering R4 from July 2019 onwards

  • Pass MRCP/M.Med (Internal Medicine)
  • PD certification of successful completion of R3

Note: For AY2017 cohort and before, they are given an option to pass either MRCP/M.Med (Internal Medicine) or ABIM(S) for progression from R3 to R4. The last ABIM exam will be in 2020. Residents who do not pass the ABIM(S) by 2020 will be required to pass MRCP/M.Med (Internal Medicine) for progression to R4.            

In addition to Internal Medicine residents who have completed an ACGME-I accredited 3-year Internal Medicine programme, the following doctors are also eligible for Phase III Internal Medicine-related specialities (subject to approval from the Specialists Accreditation Board):

  • Doctors who have completed a basic Internal Medicine training programme from UK (e.g. CCBST), USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand; training programmes from teaching hospitals affiliated to medical schools under the Schedule of the Medical Registration Act, Singapore.

Half-Day Ambulatory Session

In Singapore, the national cap on the number of patients seen per day in ambulatory clinics is 40 (i.e. 20 patients per half-day ambulatory session). Therefore, residents are allowed to be responsible for no more than 10 -15 (instead of 8-12) patients during each half-day ambulatory session.

Residents are required to be responsible for no more than for 4-8 patients, on average, during each half day structured continuity ambulatory session (if provided).

Geriatric Medicine (GRM) And/Or General Medicine (GM) Exposure for Senior Residents in Internal Medicine Related Specialties

The Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB) requires all Senior Residents in Internal Medicine-related specialties[1] to complete the mandatory 6 months of GM and /or GRM posting(s) during their 3 / 3.5 years of Senior Residency Training. These 6 months must be consistently done for 2 months per year in each of the three senior residency years and will be a documented requirement for exit certification by JCST before specialist accreditation by the SAB.

The requirements for General Medicine (GM) and Geriatric Medicine(GRM) postings effective from July 2014 are in the JCST Circular 110-13 and its Annex.
[1]These specialties include Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Haematology, Infectious Disease, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Renal Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Respiratory Medicine and Rheumatology