Duration of Training in Singapore

The duration of Forensic Pathology Seamless training is 5 years. The training is fully accredited by the Joint Committee on Specialist Training (JCST).

Training Requirements Document

 Specialty Training Requirements 
Forensic Pathology

Forensic Pathology Training Requirements

Requirements for Progression to Advanced Training

Specialty Requirements
Forensic Pathology

For AY2018 Cohort and before

  • Pass “ABMS MCQ”
  • PD certification of successful completion of R3
  • Residents, who do not pass ABMS MCQ by June 2021, will be required to

    pass the FRCPath Part 1 for progression

For residents entering R1 from July 2019 onwards

  • Pass FRCPath Part 1
  • PD Certification of successful completion of R3          

Exit Criteria


Current Exit Examinations / Assessments

Forensic Pathology

  • RCPA Part 1 & 2 or
  • FRCPath Part 1 & 2