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JCST AST BST Seamless Training Requirements

General Guidelines for BST/AST/Seamless Trainees

Please take note of the general guidelines by JCST which is applicable to all the specialties listed below.

Annex 1 - JCST Guidelines (as @ 3 June 2022)

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General Surgery-related Specialist Training Programmes

The following specialties require the trainee to undergo the Basic Specialist Training (BST) programme in Surgery in General before progressing to the Advanced Specialist Training (AST) programme in the particular specialty.

Specialty Training Requirements
Paediatric Surgery Paediatric Surgery Training Requirements (July 2022 Intake onwards) [PDF, 310KB]

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Single-track Specialist Training Programmes

The following specialties incorporate both BST and AST into their specialist training programmes, and trainees enter these traineeships directly.

Specialty Training Requirements
Dermatology Seamless [PDF,  249KB]
 Paediatric Medicine  
- Cardiology   AST [PDF, 188KB]
- Gastroenterology   AST [PDF, 511KB]
- Haematology-Oncology   AST [PDF, 287KB]
- Intensive Care   AST [PDF, 307KB]
- Nephrology   AST [PDF, 296KB]
Pathology BST & AST [PDF, 144KB]
- Forensic Pathology Seamless [PDF, 205KB]
- Chemical Pathology Seamless [PDF, 144KB]
- Microbiology Seamless  [PDF, 419KB]
Radiation Oncology Seamless [PDF, 85KB]
Seamless-July 2020 intake batch onwards [PDF, 306KB]

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Other Programmes

Specialty Training Requirements Other Documents
Aviation Medicine Aviation Medicine Training Requirements  [PDF, 469KB]
Intensive Care Medicine AST (Prior to 2017) [PDF, 538KB] Posting-Proposal - Dec 2022 [DOCX, 31KB] Instructional Checklist (12 Dec 2022) [PDF, 127KB]
AST Training guide - 12 Dec 2022 [PDF, 424KB]
Neonatology AST [PDF, 207KB]
Palliative Medicine Palliative Medicine Advanced Specialist Training Requirements (AST) as at 29 Jan 2024 PDF - 0.291 MB
Sports Medicine AST Sports Science (updated Nov 2015) [PDF, 76KB]
Sports Medicine AST Training Requirements (as @ 6 Sep 2023) PDF - 0.491 MB       

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