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Local Trained Doctors


Application Process for Local-Trained Doctors

  1. Applicant may refer to the process flow for applications.

  2. The SAB Secretariat will only process applications submitted with the complete set of supporting documents in the checklist Annex C1.

  3. Follow these steps to begin the application process:
Step 1 : Download checklist Annex C1 [DOCX, 26KB] 
Step 2 : Complete Online Application Form

Important Note on Specialist Registration with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC)

Please note that a concurrent application for specialist registration must be made with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) for the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB) to start processing your application for specialist accreditation unless your training was sponsored under the auspices of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government of another country.

Upon successful accreditation by SAB, SMC will then process your application for specialist registration. Please visit the SMC website for information relating to specialist registration.

Please email to for any queries.

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Supporting Documents

  1. Please refer to the checklist Annex C1 for the list of supporting documents required.

  2. Only one set of supporting documents needs to be submitted to SAB/SMC.

  3. Please note that applicants may be required to present the original copy of the documents for verification purposes.

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Documentation Required from Issuing Authorities/Conferring Institutions

For trainees who have taken their exam overseas, a Letter of verification (LV) is required from the overseas college that you have passed the examination and is eligible to be admitted as a Fellow or that you have been conferred with the Fellowship.

The applicant is required to arrange for the LV to be sent to the SAB directly from source. Submission of LVs through the applicants or Human Resource (HR) is not acceptable.

LVs must be on the letterhead of issuing authorities/conferring institutions & contain the following information:

  • Name of graduate;
  • Date of entry into programme;
  • Date of completion of examination/conferment;
  • Title of qualification conferred (if applicable).

The LV must be addressed to the SAB Secretariat before it can be accepted by SAB.  Please note that SAB shall not be responsible for any payments incurred by the applicant and / or interested parties arising from the request of the letters of verification.

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Application Outcomes

If you have submitted an application with all required supporting documents, your application will be processed and for straightforward cases, you will be officially informed of the outcome in writing in around 2 - 3 weeks. Longer processing time is expected if there is a need for verification of qualifications with overseas institutions.

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