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Further Information

Secretariat of healthcare Professional Boards 

1. What is “Secretariat of healthcare Professional Boards”?

With effect from 1 Jan 2020, the Pharmacy Specialists Accreditation Board (PSAB) is supported by the Secretariat of healthcare Professional Boards (SPB) for its secretariat and operational functions. The registration and regulation of pharmacists continue to be governed by Singapore Pharmacy Council. The Singapore Pharmacy Council retains autonomy and independence over professional and statutory matters, as provided for under the Pharmacists Registration Act.

Register of Specialists

2. What is the Register of Specialists?

The Register of Specialists is the record of pharmacists who are recognised as specialists by virtue of their qualifications, specialised knowledge and experience. Accredited specialists must have met the necessary criteria stipulated by the (Pharmacy) Specialists Accreditation Board (PSAB). The Pharmacists Registration Act provides for the setting up of a separate register for specialist pharmacists and the registration of such specialists. The Act also makes provision for the establishment of a Specialists Accreditation Board to define the pharmacy specialties and to determine the requirements for specialist registration.

3. Why is there a need for the establishment of the Register of Specialists?

Pharmacists with specialised expertise are increasingly required in areas such as oncology, cardiology, geriatrics, infectious diseases, critical care, paediatrics and psychiatry, to ensure safe, evidence-based and cost-effective use of medicines for better patient outcomes. The establishment of the specialists register will also create more opportunities and career pathways for pharmacists to contribute to patient care.

4. What are the specialties recognised by SPC?

Currently, the following specialties are recognised by PSAB:

  1. Cardiology Pharmacy
  2. Critical Care Pharmacy
  3. Geriatric Pharmacy
  4. Infectious Diseases Pharmacy
  5. Paediatric Pharmacy
  6. Psychiatric Pharmacy
  7. Oncology Pharmacy

5. Can I be registered in more than 1 specialty?

Currently, pharmacists can be registered in ONE specialty only.

Accreditation Criteria

6. What are the accreditation criteria?

Candidates will be assessed on their qualifications and clinical experience. The accreditation criteria can be found under the section on Specialists Accreditation.

7. Who will accredit pharmacists as specialists?

The (Pharmacy) Specialists Accreditation Board (PSAB), appointed by the Minister for Health, will serve as the regulatory body to accredit pharmacists with the necessary qualifications and clinical experience. The PSAB will appoint the Pharmacy Specialist Accreditation Committees (PSACs) to assist with the assessment of applications.

8. What if my application for accreditation as a specialist is rejected? Is there an appeal process?

Any person who is aggrieved by the refusal of the Board to grant accreditation may, within 30 days of the notice of refusal, appeal to the Minster for Health whose decision shall be final. Please refer to Section 37(3) of the Pharmacists Registration Act.

Application Process

9. How do I make an application to be registered as a specialist?

Pharmacists will need to complete and submit the completed application form to the secretariat of the PSAB. The application forms can be found under the section on Specialists Accreditation.

Use of the Title “Specialist”

10. Can I use the title “specialist” if I am registered as a specialist in the Register of Specialists?

Pharmacists who are registered as specialists in the Register of Specialists are allowed to use the title “specialist”. A pharmacist who is not registered as a specialist and who does not have in force a practising certificate but uses the title of “specialist” shall be guilty of an offence as stipulated under Section 32 of the Pharmacists Registration Act.

11. Where can I find out more information on the accreditation criteria and application details for the Register of Specialists?

More information may be found under the section on Specialists Accreditation.


12. What should I do before embarking on an overseas pharmacy specialty residency training programme?

Pharmacists who wish to pursue an overseas specialty residency training programme and intend to apply for specialist accreditation are strongly encouraged to seek PSAB’s advice on whether the programme meets the specialist accreditation requirements before embarking on the programme.

13. Why is the duration of grandfathering period for pharmacy specialist accreditation fixed?

This is because the grandfathering period is meant to provide sufficient time for existing eligible pharmacists to put together the supporting documents required for the accreditation application. There will be no extension.

14. Is the first year of practice after pre-registration pharmacist training considered specialist working experience?

The first year of practice after pre-registration pharmacist training is NOT considered specialist working experience. Specialists are required to demonstrate depth of skills, knowledge and experience specific to their area of specialty.

More information on pharmacy specialists accreditation may be found under the section on Specialists Accreditation.