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Pharmacy Specialist Accreditation Committees (PSACs)

Currently, seven PSACs are appointed to oversee the specialities recognized in Singapore. The functions of the PSACs are:

a)   Review applications for specialist accreditation based on the set of criteria as approved by PSAB;

b)   Recommend programmes for the continuing pharmacy education of pharmacists who are registered as specialists under the Pharmacists Registration Act;

c)   Provide update on any other matters pertaining to specialist accreditation and specialty development; and

d)   Provide specialty-specific advice to PSAB on matters related to specialist training programmes and standards.

In this Section:

List of PSACs and Members

Oncology Pharmacy
  • Ms Ng Hong Yen (Chairperson)
  • Ms Foo Koon Mian
  • Ms Ng Hui Cheng
  • Ms Thum Chui Mei


Cardiology Pharmacy
  • A/Prof Tan Su-Yin Doreen (Chairperson)
  • Ms Wong Yee May
  • Ms Hon Jin Shing
  • Dr Chang Shu-Wen Grace


Geriatric Pharmacy
  • Ms Ang Swee Tee Wendy (Chairperson)
  • Ms Low Suat Fern
  • A/Prof Priscilla How Pei Ching 
  • Ms Chia Hui Shan


Infectious Diseases Pharmacy
  • Ms Lee Hui Ling Winnie (Chairperson)
  • Dr Seah Tiam Hock Jonathan
  • Dr Ng Tat Ming
  • Ms Lee Siok Ying
  • Ms Lim Li Ling Cheryl


Psychiatric Pharmacy
  • Ms Emily Liew Kai Suen (Chairperson)
  • Mr Ng Boon Tat 
  • Dr Prabha Rukmalee Wijesinghe


Critical Care Pharmacy
  • Mr Wee Yew Jin Ian (Chairperson)
  • Dr Muhammed Taufiq Bin Jumah 
  • Dr Soong Jie Lin
  • Ms Lim Wai Hing
  • Dr Ngai Mei Ing Melissa


Paediatric Pharmacy
  • Dr Xu Shaorong Kelvin (Chairperson)
  • Dr Lim Sok Hoon
  • Dr Chen Qi
  • Dr Goh Xue Na
  • Dr Tan Wei Wei


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