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Display of Qualifications

Section 64(1) of the Medical Registration Act (MRA) stipulates that no registered medical practitioner shall:

a) Use or exhibit or publish in any card, letter, stationery, nameplate, signboard, placard, circular, handbill or any notice displayed at the premises, used by him for the practice of medicine, any qualification other than the qualifications which are entered in any register kept under this Act or which has been approved by the SMC; or
b) Use any title, addition or designation other than the title, addition or designation which has been approved by the SMC. Any person who contravenes Section 64 of the MRA may be subject to disciplinary proceedings under this Act.

Medical Practitioners will only be allowed to display qualifications that:

1. Are entered against their name in the 'Register of Medical Practitioners' or the  'Register of Specialists'; or
2. Are listed in SMC's List of List of Displayable Qualifications [PDF, 29KB] or List of Registrable Postgraduate Medical Qualifications [PDF,331KB].

Medical Practitioners can apply with the SMC to have the qualifications entered against their name in the Register by submitting an online application for the Approval for Display of Additional Titles/Qualification, with the following:


A copy of the postgraduate medical qualification. 
Certificates or qualifications in a language other than English, a certified true copy of the English translation must be provided. The original certificate has to be produced for verification by the Secretariat's staff as part of the registration process.


The applicant must arrange for an original  Letter of Verification (LV) for such qualification to be sent to the SMC directly from the awarding institution;

The LV may be submitted to SMC through the following modes:

1) By email: The LV must be sent from the conferring institution's official email domain to SMC at (preferred mode) OR

2) By Mail to SMC.

LVs must be on the letterhead of issuing authorities/conferring institutions & contain the following information:

  • Name of graduate;
  • Date of entry into programme;
  • Date of graduation/conferment;
  • Title of qualification conferred;

Applications with no original LVs received by SMC will be deemed as incomplete and the processing of the application will be held in abeyance the receipt of the LV.

Please note that SMC shall not be responsible for any payments incurred by the applicant and / or interested parties arising from the request of the letters of verification.


If the postgraduate qualification has not been approved by SMC before, the applicant is also required to produce the following information:

1. course details;

2. course structure;

3. course duration;

4. whether the course is examination-based; and

5. latest Curriculum Vitae

Applications without the above required information or documents will be deemed as incomplete and the processing of the application will be held in abeyance the receipt of the documents.


Payment of prescribed fee per postgraduate qualification;

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