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The advent of social media has presented many new opportunities for communication but has also presented new challenges for its users, including pharmacists.

As pharmacists, you should maintain professional behaviour at all times, even on social media platforms. Pharmacists should adhere to existing data protection regulations and guidelines, avoid data disclosures on social media (whether intentional or inadvertent), and should not post any information which might identify a patient or suggest defamatory opinions about patients or colleagues.

The Singapore Pharmacy Council would like to remind all pharmacists who use social media to do so in a professional, responsible, and respectful manner. Pharmacists active on social media should ensure that sharing of your personal life and your opinions should not be in ways that would diminish your professional standing before patients or the public or bring the profession as a whole into disrepute. This principle should guide your behaviour on social media, regardless of whether you participate on such platforms as a pharmacist or in your personal capacity.