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1.    The current Practising Certificate will expire on 31 December 2022.

2.    The online application to renew the Practising Certificate will be opened from 1st September 2022 to all pharmacists who had met the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirement by 31stAugust 2022.

3.    Every pharmacist who has met his/her CPE requirement has to renew his/her PC personally online by logging into his/her pharmacist account at:

4.    Pharmacists who are unable to access the application should check if they had fulfilled their CPE. If CPE requirement had been fulfilled, please contact SPC. If not, please fulfil the shortfall and make a renewal application submission by 30th November 2022 to avoid late application fee.

5.    Pharmacists may refer to the guide for step by step instructions on the renewal process.

6.    During renewal, please:

(a)  review your personal particulars

(b)  if there are changes in your particulars, please update your particulars (especially residential address and employment) before proceeding with the renewal; and

(c)  pay the 2-year PC renewal fee of S$500 (2-year practising certificate) to the Singapore Pharmacy Council by 30 November 2022.

(d) note that we will not accept cash and cheque payment. Online payment is via credit/debit cards.

7.    In addition, please take note that even if your institution is paying for your renewal or you are on GIRO payment, you are still required to submit an online renewal application.

8.    Please note the following:

(a)  a late application fee of S$100 and S$200 will be imposed if fee payment is not received by 30 November 2022 and 31 December 2022 respectively

(b)  allow sufficient time for clearance of credit card payments (7 working days)

(d)  requests for waiver of late payment fees will not be entertained

(e)  check with your pharmacy manager or HR department if the renewal payment will be made on your behalf

9.    Once your application is submitted, you may print the receipt by going to [Enquire Application] and look for the application after 7 working days. Note that "Pending Collection" status is an administrative note for us to process your PC. Your new electronic PC will be issued to you in December 2022.