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1.      Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC) will make adjustments to the fees it levies with effect from 1 Sept 2012.

2.      SPC’s income is dependent on the fees collected from pharmacists which remains its main source of revenue.  The fees have not been revised since 2003 despite increases in operating expenses, the main bulk of which being IT and manpower costs. In preceding years, we have been under-recovering.  As a result, SPC has been operating in deficit since we became a statutory board. To enable SPC to be financially neutral and viable, changes to the fees are needed. We will continue to streamline our processes to cut waste and yet  function optimally to serve you, our members and the profession.  

3.      The new fees will be applicable from 1 Sept 2012.  Among the changes, are: Practising certificate fees for Fully and Conditionally registered pharmacist will be revised from $200.00 to $250.00 per year or part thereof.

4.      We have held back revising the fees for as long as possible.  As such, we seek your understanding that this fee increase is necessary and unavoidable.

6.      For more information and clarifications on the fee revision, please contact SPC Secretariat at

Fees (Type) Payable to the Singapore Pharmacy Council
Current Fees In
Singapore Dollar
Revised Fees (wef 1st Sept 2012) in Singapore Dollar
Practising / Renewal Fees $200 $250
Late Payment Fee*
*For Renewal Application submitted 1 month before the expiry of Practising Certificate
$75 $100
Certified True Copy of Practising Certificate   $50
Duplicate of Practising Certificate   $80
Last updated: 01 Aug 2018 15:07