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The Singapore Nursing Board issues practising certificates for all nurses and midwives on its Register and Roll. The renewal for your practising certificate for Year 2021 starts from 1 Sep 2020. Please note that this is NOT applicable for nurses/midwives who are on PROVISIONAL registration/enrolment.

It is the responsibility of the individual nurse/midwife to apply and pay for the renewal of the practising certificate no less than 1 month before the expiry date (currently 31 Dec 2020).

A late application fee will be charged if the the application is made after 30 Nov 2020.The fees are:
 a)  Registered Nurse or Registered Nurse (Psychiatric)   $40
 b)  Registered Midwife or Enrolled Nurse  $30
 c)  Registered Nurse (Advanced Practice)  $30 

Click here for more information on renewal of practising certificate.
Click here to apply for your practising certificate(s) for year 2021.

Special Note on Payment by "Employer Pay on Behalf" (EPOB) scheme
Nurses/midwives who are eligible and wish to opt for Employer Pay on Behalf (EPOB) scheme must renew online by 30 Sep 2020.

Note: Please ensure your current employment record with SNB is up-to-date.

There may be circumstances where your employer will not be paying for your practising certificate. To confirm your eligibility, please contact your employer.

Special Note on Payment by "GIRO" deduction
GIRO deduction will be carried out on 8 Oct 2020 for nurses/midwives already on GIRO scheme and have submitted online application for PC Renewal using their SingPass by 30 Sep 2020.

All fees paid are non-refundable.