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With effect from 9th September 2009, a fully registered medical practitioner may apply for a PC at a lower fee by satisfying the criteria below: 

a) The medical practitioner is not working as a locum; 
b) The medical practitioner does not collect any fee for his/ her services; and
c) The medical practitioner does not run a medical clinic.

An eligible medical practitioner will be entitled to apply for, or renew, his PC at S$150 per year or part thereof, by making the necessary declarations in the PC application or renewal form. However, the issuance of a PC will be contingent on the medical practitioner's compliance with the requirements of Continuing Medical Education.

A medical practitioner who wishes to revert to clinical activities and run a medical clinic and/or be paid a fee for his professional services must notify the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) of his intention and fulfill his CME requirements. He should apply for a PC at a fee of S$300 per year or part thereof, or S$600 for a 2-year PC.

Please contact the SMC Secretariat at 6355-2495/2463, or email to if you require further information