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The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) would like to get in touch with the following registered medical practitioners who have not renewed their Practising Certificates (PCs) in the last two consecutive years or more.

Under section 31(f) of the Medical Registration Act, the name of any person who has not renewed his PC for a continuous period of not less than two years, and who cannot be contacted or sent any document using his particulars in the Register of Medical Practitioners, shall be removed from the said Register.

If your name is shown below, please contact the SMC Secretariat by 31 October 2016 via the following channels: 

  • Email    :;
  • Post      :  Singapore Medical Council 
                   16 College Road #01-01
                   College of Medicine Building
                   Singapore 169854; OR    
  • Phone   :  (65) 6355 2390
S/N MCR Number Name of Medical Practitioner
1. M00276C Ng Fook Lam
2. M00307G Tan Eng Seng
3. M00532J Ong Caroline
4. M00938E Ho Soon Hean
5. M01151G Tan Kang Ping
6. M01734E Monteiro Edmund Hugh Anthony
7. M01944E Lane William Clyde
8. M02808H How Chong Hong
9. M04095I Yong Voon Pin
10. M04961A Fong Kok Weng
11. M04984J Lim Tang Wah Jenny
12. M05030Z Sujit Ghosh
13. M06565Z Wee Tit Gin Theodor
14. M06630C Lee Kah Wai
15. M06989B Rajini Rasanayakam
16. M08378Z Chang Boon Cheng
17. M08697E Salto Tellez Manuel
18. M08780G Prakriti Brahmani Aumanthi Sivashankar
19. M09091C Sandeep Kumar Rajan
20. M09194D Lye Kok Weng Ephraem Colin
21. M10872C Mclean Roslyn Beatrice
22. M11415D Surrun Soondal Koomar
23. M11457Z Jung Heeyoune
24. M12141Z Chou Chia-Chen Danny
25. M14051A Venkataraman Ashok
26. M14182H Dacanay Elizabeth Amelia Fe
27. M14683H Leo Qi Jie Nicholas