Duration of Residency Training in Singapore

The duration of training in Plastic Surgery is 72 months, including 24 months of Surgery-in-General training. The programmes are accredited by the Joint Committee on Specialist Training (JCST).

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Training Requirements Document


Training Requirements

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Residency Training Requirements

Requirements for Progression to Senior Resident



Plastic Surgery

  • Pass MRCS
  • Successful completion of Surgery-In-General programme
  • PD certification of successful completion of R3
  • Successful completion of enhancements of Workplace-Based Assessments (WBAs) 

Exit Criteria


Current Exit Examinations / Assessments

Plastic Surgery
  • MCQs
  • OSCE stations


Co-Payment of Training Fee

Residents in Plastic Surgery will co-pay a monthly training fee for the entire duration of their training. The training fee is subject to revision.