Duration of Residency Training in Singapore

The duration of residency training accredited by ACGME-I and that required for exit certification by the Specialists Accreditation Board is listed in the following table. Where the duration for accreditation exceeds that of ACGME-I, the remaining time will be accredited by the Joint Committee on Specialist Training (JCST).


Duration of training accredited by ACGME-I for residency programme (mths)

Total duration of training in Singapore (mths)

Emergency Medicine


(48) + 12

Training Requirements Document


Training Requirements             

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Residency Training Requirements

Singapore Country Addendum to the ACGME-I Advanced Specialty Requirements

The Singapore Country Addendum to the ACGME-I Advanced Specialty Requirements prescribes specialty-specific programme requirements applicable to residency programmes in Singapore as discussed with the ACGME-I and the Singapore Residency Advisory Committees (RAC).

Read together with the  ACGME-I Advanced Specialty Requirements, they represent the requirements of graduate medical education in the specialties listed.


ACGME-I Specialty Specific Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education




Residents should, on average, meet the following guidelines for procedures and resuscitations:


Numbers include both patient care and laboratory simulations.

Vaginal deliveries - 10




Up to 5 vaginal deliveries may be done on a simulator.


Lumbar puncture -10



Up to 5 lumbar punctures may be done on a simulator.


Requirements for Progression to Senior Resident



Emergency Medicine

  • Pass M.Med (Emergency Medicine)


  • Pass Intermediate Examination in Emergency Medicine (IEEM) of the Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine (HKCEM)
  • PD certification of successful completion of R3

Note: Residents who pass the MCEM (MRCEM) before 1 January 2020 will still be eligible for progression to Senior Residency with PD's certification.

Exit Criteria


Current Exit Examinations / Assessments

Emergency Medicine

  • MCQs
  • Paper critique
  • Oral assessment