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Preparing for the Examination

Materials Available

Candidates should have a thorough review of the content reflected in the examination descriptions. [see "Examination Content"]

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Examination Length and Format

The FM Examination (MCQ) comprises five (5) examination sessions, with a maximum of fifty (50) multiple-choice questions per examination session. The number of options per question may be different.

Candidates will have up to sixty-five (65) minutes to complete each session. The time remaining for each session will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the computer screen. The time of day will be displayed on a clock in the testing room. [see "Examination Sessions and Scheduled Breaks"]

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Practising with the Software

A practice tutorial is available so that candidates can become familiar with the test software and examination format. Candidates may download the practice tutorial via a URL provided in the Letter of Eligibility Status upon successful application.

Candidates will also be provided with an opportunity to familiarise with the examination delivery software on the examination day itself. There will be an optional practice tutorial at the beginning of the examination which candidates have up to thirty (30) minutes to go through.

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