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The Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination 2020 is a postgraduate examination for exit certification. Completing the Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination is one of the requirements for exit certification and for specialist registration as determined by the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB). The examination is jointly developed by the ABMS Singapore (ABMS-S), LLC, the relevant Member Board of its affiliate, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), and the Ministry of Health, Singapore (MOH).

ABMS is a not-for-profit organisation that assists the American medical specialty boards in the development and use of standards in the evaluation and certification of specialists.

MOH has collaborated with ABMS-Sto develop specialty-specific psychometrically validated multiple-choice-question (MCQ) examinations for Singapore. The examination blueprints have been designed to ensure that the content is relevant to the practice of medicine in Singapore. The Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination will complement the structured formative training of the residency programme and other clinical assessments required in the programme.

Any specialty certificate issued by MOH does not entitle the holder to reciprocal certification privileges in the U.S.

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Purpose of the Examination

The SAB determines the qualifications, experience and training programmes which are to be recognised for registration as specialists under the Medical Registration Act, and grants Certificates of Specialist Accreditation to persons who meet these requirements. You can obtain current information from the section on Specialist Accreditation in Singapore.

To receive the Certificate of Specialist Accreditation in a specialty, a doctor must meet the graduate medical education training requirements, demonstrate clinical competence in the care of patients, meet the licensure requirements with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), and pass the required postgraduate examinations.

The Diagnostic Radiology Examination

The Diagnostic Radiology Examination, comprising 3 components, shall be the exit examination for Diagnostic Radiology residents.

The 3 components are the Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination, the Structured Oral Exit Examination and a Posting and Logbook Review.

  • The Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination will comprise 250 multiple-choice-questions (MCQs).

    This will be administered for residents who are at least in their R4 year of training.

    The residents must be certified by their residency programme director to have satisfactorily completed at least 36 months of residency training at the time of the examination, provided they have not exceeded the overall eligible time window from the onset of residency training, as allowed by JCST, to successfully complete their exit examinations.

    The Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination is a requirement for residents who have entered the Residency Programme from Year 2012 to 2016. Residents entering the Residency Programme in Year 2011 and earlier are exempt from taking the Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination.

  • The Structured Oral Exit Examination is a requirement for residents who have entered the Residency Programme from Year 2012 onwards. Only residents who have attained a pass in the Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination and are at least in their R5 year of training will be allowed to proceed with the Structured Oral Exit Examination.

  • Posting and Logbook Review will be conducted by the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Advisory Committee at the end of training to ensure that the residents have acquired all the skills mandated before they are allowed to exit.     

The Diagnostic Radiology Examination is mandatory for Diagnostic Radiology residents for exit certification, subject to completion of required postings and attestation by the Programme Directors.

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MCQ Examination Committee

The Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination Committee comprises medical educators and senior clinicians who are appointed as subject matter experts to be involved in the joint development of the examination materials with ABMS-S. The examination materials are protected by copyright laws and are intended to be delivered in a secured test environment.

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Computer-Based Testing

The Diagnostic Radiology MCQ Examination is a multiple-choice examination administered by computer. The code used for this examination is RD ExaminationPearson VUE is the designated Test Vendor for administering the computer-based examination in a secured test environment.Upon successful scheduling of the examination with Pearson VUE, candidates will receive a Confirmation Email which will indicate the location of the allocated Test Centre.

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