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Supplementary Information

Candidates with Special Needs / Disabilities

MOH recognises that some candidates have physical limitations that make it impossible for them to fulfil the requirement for proficiency in performing procedures. For such individuals, the procedural skills requirement may be waived. Programme Directors should write to MOH for an exception before the individual enters training or whenever any disability or special need becomes established.

MOH is committed to offering suitable examination accommodations for all candidates, including individuals with disabilities and special needs. When necessary, alternative arrangements under conditions comparable to those provided for other candidates are offered to such individuals.

Candidates who need accommodation for a disability or special need during an examination must provide a written request to MOH and documentation must be received by MOH no later than the examination registration deadline. Reapplication for special accommodation is not required for each examination administration unless a new accommodation is requested. MOH treats requests for accommodations as confidential.

For additional information about the process and documentation requirements, please contact MOH at and

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Substance Abuse

If a candidate has a history of substance abuse, documentation of at least one (1) year of continuous sobriety from a reliable monitoring source must be submitted to MOH via email to and for admission to an examination or to receive a certificate. MOH treats such information as confidential.

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Competency in Technology

Consistent with the ABMS-S / ACGME-I General Competencies in Systems-Based Practice, MOH requires its candidates to possess sufficient competencies in information technology, including the use of personal computers, the Internet, and e-mail, for correspondence and completion of examinations and modules throughout their participation in the certification process.

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