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MOH's Evaluations and Judgements

Candidates agree that their professional qualifications, including their moral and ethical standing in the medical profession and their competence in clinical skills, will be evaluated through MOH’s prevailing rules, regulations and standards, and MOH’s good faith judgement concerning such matters will be final. Currently, evaluations are attested through the Programme Directors or the JCST. [see "Attestation of Good Standing and Clinical Performance"]

MOH may make inquiry of persons named in candidates' applications and of other persons, such as authorities of licensing bodies, hospitals or other institutions as MOH may deem appropriate with respect to such matters.

MOH makes academic and scientific judgements in its evaluations of the results of its examinations. Situations may occur, even through no fault of the candidates, which render examination results unreliable in the judgement of MOH. Candidates agree that if MOH determines, in its judgement, that the results of their examination are unreliable, MOH may require the candidates to retake an examination at its next administration or other times designated by MOH.

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Errors and Disruptions in Examination Administration

Occasionally, problems occur in the creation, administration and scoring of examinations. For example, power failures, hardware and software problems, human errors or weather problems may interfere with some parts of the examination process. When problems occur and MOH determines that they have compromised the integrity of the examination results, MOH will provide affected candidates with an opportunity for re-examination.

Re-examination, or re-scoring if appropriate, shall be the candidate's sole remedies. Neither MOH, ABMS-S, ABMS-I, ABMS or any Member Board shall be liable for inconvenience, expense or other damage caused by any problems in the creation, administration or scoring of an examination, including the need for retesting or delays in pass/fail results reporting. In no circumstance will MOH, ABMS-S, ABMS-I, ABMS or any Member Board reduce its standards as a means of correcting a problem in examination administration.

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Number of Attempts

Candidates who are unsuccessful in passing the AN Examination (MCQ) may apply to take the examination in the subsequent administration. To be granted admission, candidates must meet all applicable prevailing licensure, professional standing, procedural requirements and training requirements.

The Specialist Accreditation Board has specified that all residents must complete the training requirements, requisite examinations and obtain his/her exit certification from JCST not more than three (3) years beyond the usual length of his/her training programme.

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