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Examination Fees and Withdrawals

Examination Fee

The fees must be paid when submitting the application form. The fees payable include the Application Fee and the Examination Fee.

MOH reserves the sole right to:

  1. Decide on the types and quantum of fees and charges to be collected from the candidates;
  2. Withhold the Letter of Eligibility Status if the Application Fee or Examination Fee is not fully and duly paid in accordance to specified deadlines.

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Withdrawals and Refunds

Registration for the AN Examination (MCQ) is viewed as a professional commitment to sit for the examination. Nonetheless, should the need to withdraw arise due to unforeseen circumstances, candidates must serve a written notice to MOH of their intention to withdraw from the examination. A valid reason needs to be furnished and such requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In the absence of MOH’s approval to withdraw, failure to report on the day of the examination will be recorded as a failed attempt.

There will be no refund of application or examination fees as significant subsidies have already been provided to candidates. It is the sole responsibility of candidates to be aware of and comply with all examination eligibility policies and withdrawal deadlines.

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