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Functions and Responsibilities

  1. To develop the speciality, in collaboration with MOH, SAB and JCST, taking into consideration the healthcare priorities and needs of the nation.

  2. To develop the training curriculum for the specialty and to undertake regular curriculum reviews and recommend enhancements to improve the rigour of the training program. This will require the RAC to routinely review ACGME-I requirements in the context of Singapore and our national strategy for specialist development, and recommend country addendums to be applied where appropriate.

  3. To identify training needs and resources required to enable the implementation of the recommended training curriculum.

  4. To monitor the progress of trainees' training by taking into account trainee performance (e.g. In-training and intermediate examinations) and feedback from the various stakeholders such as Programme Directors (PDs) and the trainees themselves.

  5. To assist in the selection and interview of residents/trainees, conduct site visits and/or perform accreditation as directed by SAB/JCST.

  6. To recommend and/or develop appropriate assessment tools/exams necessary for specialist certification.

  7. To assist MOH in manpower projection and recommend to SAB the number of trainees based on national capabilities and needs.


  8. To work with the Sponsoring Institutions, Designated Institution Officials and Program Directors to ensure that the programs are consistently aligned with requirements and standards set by ACGME-I and the RAC, in consultation with SAB/MOH.

    AST/Senior Seamless Trainees

  9. To oversee the implementation of STC-approved specialist training programs in institutions accredited by JCST, and ensure that training activities such as "meet-the-trainee sessions" are adhered to.

  10. To prescribe posting requirements for advanced specialist trainees, including but not limited to the nature and duration of postings, necessary prior to completion of training.

  11. To conduct exams or evaluations for advanced specialist trainees based on the format approved by SAB/JCST.