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List of Specialist Training Committees

Training Committees (STCs/SSTCs) were appointed by the Specialists Accreditation Board (SAB) and the Joint Committee on Specialist Training (JCST)  to oversee specialty training in Singapore. Some STCs are replaced by the Residency Advisory Committees (RACs). The relevant specialties overseen by the STCs/SSTCs are reflected below.

Specialist Training Committees (STC)

  • Pathology STC



Specialties enrolled under Residency programmes are not reflected. Please visit the RAC page for more information on those specialties.


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Subspecialty Specialist Training Committees (SSTC)

Intensive Care Medicine SSTC

Neonatology SSTC

Palliative Medicine SSTC

Sports Medicine SSTC

Aviation Medicine SSTC

Paediatrics SSTC

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STC & SSTC Members

Pathology STC Main Pathology

  • Prof Tan Puay Hoon (Chairman)
  • A/Prof Nancy Tee Wen Sim
  • A/Prof Yeo Chin Pin 


 Pathology (Chemical Pathology)

  • A/Prof Yeo Chin Pin (Chairman)
  • Dr Ong Lizhen 
  • Dr Wong Moh Sim
  • Dr Lam Choong Weng 


Pathology (Forensic Pathology)

  • Dr George Paul (Chairman)
  • Dr Lee Chin Thye
  • Dr Marian Wang Ching Wei 
  • Dr Wu Jia Hao


Pathology (Medical Microbiology)

  • A/Prof Nancy Tee Wen Sim(Chairman)
  • A/Prof Lin Tzer Pin Raymond Valentine
  • Adj. A/Prof Timothy Mark Sebastian Barkham
  • Dr Chan Kian Sing
  • Dr Ng Tong Yong 
  • Dr Chew Kean Lee
  • Dr James Sim Heng Chiak
Intensive Care Medicine SSTC
  • Cl A/Prof Chua Seng Wee Gerald (Chairman)
  • Asst Prof Tan Yong Hui Addy
  • Dr Lew Jin Wen Sennen
  • Dr Sewa Duu Wen 
  • Dr Caroline Ong Yu Ming 
  • Dr Roshni Sadashiv Gokhale 
  • Dr Tan Chee Keat
  • Dr Chew Mei Ying 
  • Dr Li Yunkai Andrew
  • Dr Chia Yew Woon 
  • Dr Ho Vui Kian 

Neonatology SSTC
  • CI Prof Rajadurai Victor Samuel (Chairman)
  • Dr Pratibha Keshav Agrwal 
  • Dr Selina Ho Kah Ying
  • A/Prof Zubir Amin
  • Dr Krishnamoorthy Niduvajie
  • Dr Chua Mei Chien
  • Dr Khoo Poh Choo
  • A/Prof Roy Joseph 
  • A/Prof Yeo Cheo Lian 
Palliative Medicine SSTC
  • Dr Alethea Yee Chung Peng (Chairman)
  • Dr Noreen Chan Guek Cheng 
  • Adj A/Prof Mervyn Koh Yong Hwang
  • A/Prof Radha Krishna Lalit Kumar
  • Dr Chong Poh Heng
  • Dr Peh Tan Ying 
  • Dr Neo Han Yee
  • Dr Laurence Tan Lean Chin
  • Dr Norhisham bin Main
Sports Medicine SSTC
  • Adj A/Prof Benedict Tan Chi'-Loong (Chairman)
  • Dr Patrick Goh Onn Leng
  • Dr Chew Tai Loon Kelvin 
  • Dr Tian Ho Heng Roger 
  • Dr Ong Joo Haw 
  • Dr Lim Mui Hong 
Aviation Medicine SSTC
  • Dr Richard Tan Hung Yong (Chairman)
  • Dr Benjamin Tan Boon Chuan 
  • Dr Adrian Loh Seng Wei 
  • Dr Dale Lim Lee Min 
  • Dr Wong Sheau Hwa
  • Dr Lim Hou-Boon
Paediatrics SSTC
  • Prof Yap Hui Kim (Chairman)
  • Prof Ho Lai Yun
  • A/Prof Marion Aw
  • Dr Tab Poh Lin
  • Dr Ng Yong Hong
  • Adj A/Prof Tan Teng Hong
  • A/Prof Quek Swee Chye
  • Dr Mok Yee Hui
  • Dr Koh Pei Lin
  • Dr Veena Logarajah
  • Dr Ng Kar Hui
  • Dr Soh Shui Yen